5 top habits that causes ulcer that we do daily


peptic ulcer is caused when there is inconsistency on the mucusal lining of the intestine resulting to sores on the walls of the intestines.

most times we cause this our selves without knowing, of cause welcome to Nigeria where people eat everything they see just to belly full and go about their routine works,

Here in Nigeria, ulcer is commonly found within students, and some public servants who have no much chances to eat and rest as much traffic flows into their businesses, while for the students is as a result of financial aspect, many students engage on the intake of white raw garri which in the other hand irritate the walls of the intestine.

here i will be discusing the 5 top habits that causes ulcer we do daily here in Nigeria

  1. excessive intake of irritants: irritants like spices we use to cook food. most people add alot of this spices to add taste to their meals, without knowing such much spices causes inconsistency without your notice to the walls of your intestine
  2. excessive drinking of alcohol beverages. i made a post about drinking of alcohol recently on it causes cancer.  find it here   alcohol makes some people uncomfortable as some people suppress their feelings. excessive alcohol irritates the wall of the intestine while it waits for assimilation, there by causing inconsistency and injuries to the lining of the intestine inform of spores.
  3. not dieting well/ starving: a whole lot of people starve to curtail their spending but not knowing they harm more of them selves than they save money. starving causes the weakness of the lining and can easily and vulnerable to spores,
  4. not enough rest: we are already in an uncomfortable society where you naturaly get stressed even while at home, we forget to plan well and take enough rest to curtail stress. stress reduce blood flow but increases adrenaline flow, causing  another problem to the intestine
  5. lifestyle: smoking, and many other mutual lifestyle we live determine how our sytem is, how healthy and how damaged it possess, so we should try to maintain necessary lifestyle to avoid ulcer.

in my next post, i will discuss the prevention and treatment of ulcer.

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