Instruments used by Dental therapists and Dentists

Instruments used by Dental therapists and Dentists

Severe times I have browsed through the internet while in Dental school, to see for my self the instruments we use as a students, and some pictures of it, but I end up seeing some off point posts and instruments and as well as pictures of instruments posted by marketers who doesn’t know the actually utilization or function of the instrument they sell,

So I decided to take time aand make a very comprehensive list of instruments used in dentistry at larg as it wil healp young prospective studnets to make an importatnt progress in there career.

Here is the Instruments used by Dental therapists and Dentists arrange and classified based on their usage.

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Examination instruments:

they are instruments used for the proper diagnosis of  a dental problem (aside  Dental radiography). They aid the dentist or dental therapists to understand the [atients condition and deiver heakth care services accordingly

  1. Mouth mirror
  2. The explorers also called the probe – we have the calculus probe and we also have the periodontal prob, the carious probe is basically used on the hard surface of the teeth which is the enamel, because caries always attacks the hard tissue of the teeth. The calculus probe is very sharp and pointed as its being used to scrub through the hard tissue in search for a depression on the carious leision to detect a caries or tooth decay.
  3. The periodontal probe is a probe used on the soft tissue which is the gingival to detect gingivitis (inflamation of the gingival) caused by irritation of the soft tissues by the presence of a plaque or a dental calculus. In my next posts I will make a vivide write ups on dental caries and dental calculus. The probe is used to measure the depth of the periodontum, it is cariberated on it to give accurate diagnosis of the case. The normal gingival measure 3mm on the periodontal probe.
  4. The Tweezers is an examination instruments used to pick objects, materials and pillets of any type during examination.

Scaling instruments used by Dental therapists and Dentists

Here we talk about instruments used to scale and polish the teeth surfaces, they are classfied according to the condition of the oral cavity which is to be scaled. We have the

  1. Heavy scalers
  2. Fine scalers.

Heavy scalers: they are the instruments used for oral cavities that poor hygiene, ocavities that have deposites both on the supra and the sub gingival regions. Heavy scalers include but not limited to the following

  1. Excavator 205,406
  2. Jacket 1
  3. Jacket 2 & 3
  4. Hoe scalers

Fine scalers:

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they are scalers that used to remove mild deposistes found in the oral cavity. Here there is no much deposists as the patient involved keeps good oral hygiene and mantains normal dental asthetics.

This instruments include but not limited

  1. The Duries 1
  2. Duries 2 & 3
  3. Duries 4 & 5
  4. Excavator 125
  5. Sickel scalers

Ultrasonic scalers:

they are high speed electrical instruments that is uses vibration to remove/dislodge deposits found in the oral cavity with ease, saves energy and time of the dentist instead of using manual instruments mentioned above.

We also have high speed hand piece for the drilling of teeth used mainly in RTC – Root canal treatments,  thriming of teeth especially during crowning or when constructing a bridge, teehts near the one to be bridhed/ crowned are thrimed to help hold the new crown in position.


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