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Scope of practice of Dental Nurses by the registration Board

Scope of practice of Dental Nurses by the registration Board

The dental team is made up of different teams which makes the work of dentistry more effective and efficient since there is fine division of labor between the team mates.

But at some extents, some team mates do not know their boundary in the field of the dental work and as such dive into the sphere of other senior team members by doing the work mapped out for a specified team members. This became a problem in the profession and have resulted to the effective and clear mapping out duties and scope of practice of each team members.

previously i have researched and made a comprehensive post about the scope of practice for the dental therapy, read it here: scope of practice for the dental therapy

Here I will write about the dental nursing as I have written about the dental therapists in relation to the dentists. You can read that, i posted the link up

Dental nursing is a team of dentistry that are charged with responsibility of providing an assistance to the dental surgeons and the dental therapists. There Scope of practice of Dental Nurses include but not limited to

  1. Sterilization of dental instruments
  2. Setting of dental instruments and materials before health care procedures
  3. Assists in placing of saliva sucture for patients with excessive flow of saliva and cannot control them.
  4. Helps in medicament preparation.
  5. They also help to clark pateints for minor dental health care problems.
  6. They are to administer antiobiotics for some procedures that requires the use of antibiotic before it.

And many assisting works, here is a comprehensive list of their duties as the board specified, and thus team mates are not to step into others work to avoid embarrassments and quarrels in the field of practice.

heck out the Dental nursing board

Updated: July 27, 2018 — 2:35 pm

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