Health insurance in Nigeria is dead, Nigerians dies daily

Health insurance in Nigeria is dead

Practically, no body in Nigeria truly cares if you are alive or dead, only your loved ones do so, daily hundreds of lives are lost in Nigeria,

Doctors are not well paid and so goes on strike to achieve their aim at the detriment of the poor masses, we need to be heard, lives are taken unserious while looting and corruption have taken the order of the day in Nigeria,

politician travels out of the country routinely for medical check ups, leaving the poor masses who get them into the position in mess as they have no option than to strive to survive in a poor health facilities.



In Nigeria we have the  health insurance program which generates billions of Naira yearly and barely 40 % of that finance is being spent,

the truth is that many Nigerians are not  aware of the policy and its offer, why? Because there is no much publicity and education of the people about the insurance,

people do not go to hospital because of the fear of the financial aspect, meanwhile we have health insurance policy that  could help in financing your hospital bills, but many do not know. Thus many involve in self medication which is very detrimental and haves negative impacts on the lives of people


Again, the health insurance polices as it is said to be only have specific hospitals that offers then, most equipped privatized health facilities do not treat patients on health insurance,

it is mostly does governmental health facilities without equipment and interest of the patients that are imbibed to observe the health insurance policy.

It is  in Nigeria that you meet nurses that shouts to their patients, health practitioners that kill some patients with some negative comments and treats..

some times I sit down and wonder the kind of things happening, can we ever get better? With the increasing population and more needs keep arising.

These are sector we boarder less about because you have no been sick. People complain more about the power and transport sector, but look closely on other sectors,

we are serious behind the world, other countries are far far ahead of us, we cant just fold our hands and watch, no way, please we have to voice out, PVC does no such things, let our voice be heard. Share this post to save live.

the united nations should come to our aid, Nigeria is seriously going down.

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