Symptoms of placenta previa and prevention as a woman

Placenta Previa in definition

Placenta previa is an uncommon pregnancy complication which occurs in less than 1% of pregnancies and can be very detrimental if left undiagnosed. symptoms of placenta previa is discussed here.

How It Occurs?

This happens when a woman’s placenta forms in the lower portion of the uterus instead of the top or side , close to, or covering, the cervix.

Now, this spells trouble in pregnancy as the baby cannot be delivered through the placenta without risk of blood loss.

It is most commonly diagnosed by ultrasound.

What Are The Symptoms of placenta previa?

cramping and bright red vaginal bleeding, which can be heavy,

coming and going over a number of days late in your second trimester or early in the third.

(Any bleeding during your pregnancy should be reported to your doctor/mid-wife)

However, as the baby grows and the uterus expands, the placenta will most likely move away from the opening of the cervix.

Most symptoms of placenta previa will resolve by the third trimester.

an anatomical ultrasound will be scheduled to determine the location of the placenta;

If the placenta is greater than 2 cm away from the opening of the cervix, your health-care provider can support you in having a vaginal birth,as long as there are no other contraindications but If your placenta is less than 2 cm from the opening of your cervix,

or still covering the opening of your cervix,

a planned Caesarean section is recommended ahead of your due date to ensure that you do not go into labour.

Well, truth remains that there is an increased risk of premature labour with placenta previa,

but if a woman is diagnosed pretty early, this concern is greatly minimized.

Since you have the symptoms of placenta previa,what do you do?

Be sure that your health-care provider advises you of anyspecial instructions (bed rest is sometimes recommended).

During this period, totally abstain from sex, so you don’t stimulate vaginal bleeding.

written by mhiz Dumke (dellking)

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