According to doctors, self-medication is very dangerous disease which cannot let you to survive through the illness, this shows that dangers of self medication is greater than the positive aspect

Moreover, it becomes very difficult for them to diagnose the self-medication patients since the drug they take have both negative and positive effects on the body making, making the major disease or health problem unable to be diagnosed.

When someone takes self-medication, usually takes more or less medicines than the recommended dosage, it causes alot health disorders that ranges from reactions, seizures or liver problems, because of the toxification reaction of the liver.

In certain cases they take drugs with toxic substances which is very harsh. Self-medication has harmful effects on health

Today there is a list of drugs which can not to be offered to the patients without medical prescription.

Furthermore, self-medication is boosting rapidly. It is incumbent and important to inform the people about the harmful consequences of self-medication so they know the consequences of their action.

Many people take paracetamol more often to cool of their headach, not knowing that headach is not a sickness, that its a symptom of an underlaying sickness, which will go when the main sickness in the body is treated, taking paracetanol will not stop it.

Both doctors and government can play a very positive role in eradicating self-medication, and government should update the list of drugs which should not be given without any medical prescription which will help us to prevent self-medication.