Use “Dental Floss” Instead of “tooth pick” on your teeth

Dental floss

Dental floss is a rope like material with medicament which we use in place of toothpick at the inter proximal surfaces of the teeth after meal.

Dentists worldwide advises the use of dental floss against the rampant wooden tooth pick because of the following reasons

    • tooth pick creates unwanted space between teeth which increases food lodging in oral cavity
    • tooth pick irritates the gun. unknowingly to the user, it irritates the gum making it unhealthy for blood flow through the gingivae
    • they also increases risk of tooth decay through the creation of space for debridment.



Dental floss has the following advantages:

  • it is medicated, contains fluoride and other elements that are essential for healthy tooth
  • they do not create space at the interproximal surface of the teeth
  • it also massage the gum unlike the tooth pick which irritates the gum tissue.

people go for tooth pick after each meal or after enjoying meat without knowing the side effect of such in thereĀ  gum tissue.

with this you can have a healthy oral cavity


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