mushroom cures cancer – how to use it

mushroom cures cancer – how to use it

Do you know that ,mushroom cures cancer? yhe answer will be probably no because alot thinks cancer isĀ  very dangerous illness and requires drugs of high cost to eliminate it, but thats not true.

Cancer often leaves patients feeling that life has no meaning, a state of mind that psychiatrists call “existential distress.”

But two new, small studies suggest that an ingredient found in hallucinogenic “magic” mushrooms can dramatically reverse this feeling.

A single dose of the man-made drug psilocybin quickly lifted spirits for most cancer patients,

and the effect lasted as long as six months for many, the researchers reported.

we can see that the health of cancer patients and the hope of eradicating cancer are buried in the contents of some natural foods that we hardly consume in years ,

talk less of months, mush room is proved to be the most healthy hallucinogenic content against cancerous cells.

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Apart from mushroom, alot other natural healthy foods cures and completely eradicates cancer,

cancer is just a lack of an essential vitamin in the body.

the health facilities and pharmacuetical companies uses cancer to makr billions of dolars from patients who suffers it,

this is just like when malaria killed thousands of people before the discovery of malaria drug, we wll be updating on strategies to use mush room to cure cancer very soon, stay tuned.



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