Dangers of smoking to the oral cavity that is dangerous to your health

A practical example of effects of smoking

Smoking has been known as a major cause for tooth discoloration, bad breath and also systemic illness as well as lung damage.

Smoking causes most of the following

Smoking causes tooth discolouration

Smoking also leads to bad breath, mouth odour

Smoking brings dryness to the mouth, there by encouraging tooth decay

Smoking brings uncondusive atmosphere for digestive enzymes in your mouth.

An example is shown below

A young man was diagnosed with poorly differentiated cacinoma of the oral cavity. Surgery was conducted, hemimandibulectomy (surgical removal of half of the mandible) and reconstruction of the jaw.

And he got this from tobacco, excessive smoking of cigarette. avoid smoking as you can.. see the operation procedure conducted…fb_img_1478331572400fb_img_1478331576925fb_img_1478331594923fb_img_1478372456533fb_img_1478331632946fb_img_1478331636768fb_img_1478331642413

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